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All men might be ‘equal’ in the eyes of the law, but the ‘Law of the Genetics Jungle’ dictates survival of only the very fittest.

This has been a harsh reality ever since man first walked upright over 300,000 years ago. In our modern world, in the bars and on the beaches, in gym change rooms and in the bedroom, a man can’t help but compare himself to his peers and rivals. He quickly realizes what he has – or what he doesn’t have. And the realization can be downright depressing.

It all comes down to Testosterone, that magical male hormone that dictates our sexual prowess, as well as our ability to pack on powerful muscle – and keep it, while keeping the fat off.

Truth is, the higher your testosterone levels, the more muscle you’ll have, and the less abs-destroying fat you’ll carry. An ample reserve of testosterone also gives you significantly higher energy levels, as well as a libido that just won’t quit!

True fact:
Beyond 30 your testosterone levels drop year by year

Unfortunately, the older you get, especially beyond 30, the lower your testosterone levels will be, as they slowly drop year by year. This can be devastating to a man’s health and ego, as his muscle and libido slowly wither away.

A recent published study reported that the average testosterone levels in men nation-wide have been substantially decreasing for the past two decades1. If you’re not already a healthy, highly active male with perfect genetics, then having low testosterone only makes it worse.

Testosterone declines with age

Low testosterone levels can cause you a number of unwanted symptoms, including:

  • Decreased Libido
  • Lack of Motivation
  • Decreased Sexual Function
  • Loss of Strength

Signs & Symptoms of Testosterone Deficiency2

  • Increased Body Fat
  • Decreased Energy
  • Fatigue
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Reduced Muscle Mass
  • Low Self-Confidence
  • Poor Mood
  • Troubled Sleep

If you feel like you have any of these signs, you could very likely be suffering from low or a merely average testosterone level.

Serious Health Notice Here!

Low testosterone is a grave concern, and Not just for older men. Younger males are also known to suffer from below-normal testosterone levels!

Causes are many, including excessive emotional stress, working long hours, over-training, long-term steroid use, alcohol abuse, and recreational medication. No matter how well you eat or how hard you train, your testosterone levels could probably use a little extra help.

Increasing your testosterone levels can make a ‘huge’ difference in the gym and bedroom, reinforcing your masculinity and your overall quality of life.

Boosting testosterone can make a huge difference in the gym, the bedroom and your overall quality of life

Boost your testosterone naturally

Scientists have for decades been testing and perfecting ways to boost testosterone more effectively, naturally, safely – and legally. The next wave of innovative testosterone boosters are hitting the market and one that stands out above the rest is TESTOSURGE®, a name you’ll be hearing about and seeing in fine health store chains.

TESTOSURGE®: A Natural Anabolic!

Using a unique proprietary method of researching and isolating drugs from raw food materials, a biotech drug discovery company has identified a group of ‘glycosides’ present in nature that boost testosterone levels faster than anything currently available on the market.

Through a patented extraction and new innovative standardization process, this company has isolated a group of active steroidal glycosides and incorporated them into TESTOSURGE®. Because of a very unique manufacturing process, no other company in the world has the means of developing or duplicating anything similar.

It is so innovative that the inventors have implemented DNA fingerprinting of the raw material for complete traceability and to avoid product counterfeits. At this moment, TESTOSURGE® is the newest, most powerful, scientifically engineered legal testosterone-boosting compound on the planet, bar none!

Fastest Bioactive Testosterone Amplifier Engineered to Boost Testosterone Levels

This is great news for men like you!

Never before has a more revolutionary, innovative, cutting edge natural anabolic been publicly released that has been clinically proven to boost testosterone levels faster than TESTOSURGE®. The uniqueness of TESTOSURGE® is that it works through multiple pathways to dramatically raise your testosterone levels which helps you build considerable gains in muscle size, development, and strength, as well as increase energy, libido, vitality, and sex drive. It contains the highest concentration of active compounds per milligram of any natural ingredient on the market, and it starts working on the first dose!

Works on the First Dose! No More Waiting Days or Weeks to Crank Up Your Testosterone!

Introducing TESTOSURGE® - Intensifying the Anabolic Effects of your Testosterone

TESTOSURGE® takes your testosterone production to crazy new levels, making every workout top the one before it.  To understand TESTOSURGE®, first you need to understand the way testosterone exists in the body. Testosterone is present in the body in 3 forms: free testosterone (Free-T), albumin-bound testosterone (Albumin-T), and testosterone bound to sex hormone-binding globulin (SHBG-T)3.

In healthy men, only 2-3% of testosterone is free (aka bioavailable or biologically active), and about 40% is albumin-bound (meaning it is attached to a protein), This ‘testosterone’ can break free from albumin and is also biologically active. The remainder of testosterone, approximately 60%, is tightly bound to sex-hormone binding globulin (SHBG), is biologically inactive,4. Remember, it is only the biologically active forms (free and albumin-bound) of testosterone which activates the anabolic signals, increasing protein synthesis and nitrogen retention. TESTOSURGE® has been shown in multiple studies to elevate total testosterone and biologically active forms of testosterone (free and albumin-bound)5,6,7. Not only that, TESTOSURGE® also prevents increased levels of testosterone from being broken down! If you see products claiming an increase in only total testosterone or they don’t state which type of testosterone, be very skeptical and save your money! Even if free testosterone is increased and there is no increase in total testosterone, than something fishy is going on with the product.

 ‘Be Skeptical of Products that Do Not State the Type of Testosterone that is Increased or ones that only Claim Increases in Total Testosterone!’

Ground-Breaking Research Results

The research breakthrough of TESTOSURGE® was revolutionary! It first came on the radar when scientists discovered that a unique group of steroidal compounds can significantly increase testosterone after Only One dose. Following the ‘Gold Standard’ of clinical research protocols, TESTOSURGE® was tested in a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, cross-over study in healthy sedentary males5. The results were astonishing.

‘Total Testosterone Increased by 300% With Only One Dose of TESTOSURGE® After Only 10 hours’

With a single dose of TESTOSURGE®, investigators reported significant increases in testosterone within 10 hours!  And after this one dose, sedentary participants had a greater than 300% increase in total testosterone! What was even more astonishing was that free testosterone levels increased 110% and biologically active testosterone (albumin-bound + free) increased 220% when compared to placebo. Results like this had never-before-been seen!

The next question the scientist wondered was, “what happens if you take TESTOSURGE® for a longer period?” A follow-up study was completed at a prestigious U.S. University by top-level doctors and exercise physiologists. Again, they followed the ‘Gold Standard’ protocol, conducting a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled trial, this time using previously trained subjects6,7. And once again the results were phenomenal. After just 4 weeks, total testosterone and bioavailable testosterone started going up. By the end of the 8 weeks, total testosterone had increased 146%, and bioavailable free testosterone was jacked up to 178%. Researchers recorded increased strength and a 220% significant lower body fat percentage. The take-away here is, these subjects became Leaner and Stronger!

‘TESTOSURGE® Increases Biologically Active Free Testosterone, providing a Powerful Muscle-Boosting Stimuli that Jacks up Your Workout Intensity!’

The clinical studies are remarkable, as the incredible increases in testosterone seen after only one dose can lead to significant improvements in body composition and strength when combined with training and taken for 8 weeks. TESTOSURGE® truly represents an innovation in testosterone supplementation and a new weapon in your muscle-building/fat-destroying arsenal!

‘TESTOSURGE® Intensifies the Anabolic Effects of Your Testosterone’

Testosterone Protection – Preventing Unwanted Side-Effects

TESTOSURGE® boosts and protects testosterone by binding to SHBG, raising the free/bound ratio, thereby increasing bioavailable testosterone. What’s more, TESTOSURGE® also prevents aromatization (the destruction of testosterone) – thus jacking testosterone levels even higher than other conventional supplements. TESTOSURGE® packs a double-whammy, acting as an anti-aromatase inhibitor and 5 α-reductase inhibitor, protecting your newly raised testosterone.

TESTOSURGE® Delivers Results Worthy of Today's Modern Man!

TESTOSURGE® is the world’s fastest-working and most powerful Legal testosterone booster, which has been clinically shown to start Working on the very First Dose. It provides a kick to your testosterone levels, making a huge difference in the gym and in your sex life. Increased testosterone levels will help you maintain overall energy, vitality, and sex drive, while allowing you to build muscle mass, density, and strength, helping you train for optimal athletic performance. TESTOSURGE® provides an evidence-based researched approach that even health care professionals can confidently recommend to naturally and safely boost and support bioavailable testosterone levels.

Found Only in the Highest Quality Products!

  • Increases Anabolic Hormones*
  • Backed by 2 Published Clinical Trials*
  • Works on the First Dose*
  • Increases Total Testosterone*
  • Increases Free Testosterone in 10 hours*
  • Increases Biologically Active Testosterone*
  • Lowers Body Fat*
  • Once per Day Dosing*
  • Supports Healthy Sexual Function*
  • Improves Body Composition*
  • Increases Strength*
  • Promotes Sexual Desire & Vitality*
  • DNA Authenticated to Prevent Knock-offs*
  • Prevents Unwanted Side-Effects*
  • Highest Potency Standardization*
  • Natural Ingredient

Increases Total and Bioavailable Free Testosterone - A daily supplement that naturally increases testosterone levels, can help you build lean, dense muscle while helping to melt away fat. Unlike other products on the market that do not specify the type of testosterone, Testosurge® has been shown to increase both Total and Bioavailable Free Testosterone. Bioavailable free testosterone is what fuels your energy, drive, and muscle building in your body.

Scientifically Backed, Researched Dose helps to Control Estrogen – Testosurge® has be shown to support aromatase balance and keep DHT in check, by acting as an anti-aromatase and 5-alpha reductase inhibitor. Lower estrogen means an increase in your anabolic state and the potential for greater muscle development.


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